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Gardening 101

Gardening 101

Fairy Gardening 101
Fairy Gardening 101
There are no age demographics when it comes to gardens in miniature. Children of all ages (past the stage of putting the tiny pieces in their mouth) delight in arranging the garden furniture and moving the fairy or gnome about. A fairy garden makes a lovely gift when the mature gardener is faced with downsizing and leaving their big garden.

The placement of your fairy garden is limited only by your imagination. The garden can be as simple as an arbor, fairy, and tiny thyme in a container or an entire village hidden beneath the sweeping limbs of the Pin Oak. A cracked birdbath that doesn't hold water, rusty wheelbarrow, or a hollowed-out tree stump, are all possibilities . Consider a setting that provides some afternoon shade, we all benefit from a little shade in August and fairies are no exception.

Plant Selection:
For your garden in miniature, we select perennials that are diminutive and naturally slow-growing. Many succulents do a wonderful imitation of trees and shrubs, though they will not withstand a frost. We offer miniature trees and shrubs that grow as little as 1" year, though even a miniature tree or shrub may require some trimming to keep them in Fairy-scale.

Water your fairy garden when it needs it, never by the day of the week! Watering needs are dependent on the amount of sun the garden receives, the season, size of the container, whether it is newly planted or extremely root bound and the plant selection. For instance, hosta like the soil evenly moist, succulents like to dry out a bit between watering. Stick your finger in the soil and if it is dry an inch down, water. Water thoroughly so that all of the soil is moistened, but not soggy. A drainage hole in your container is vital to proper watering. Watering requirements slow in the winter but remember, never let soil freeze dry!

I like to use a slow-release fertilizer such as Osmocote in my containers. For miniature gardens planted directly into the ground, I use an organic slow-release fertilizer. Resist the liquid fertilizers that recommend using them with every watering. (you know, the ones that make the water blue) You want to maintain a healthy, but slow growth rate, not the lush growth that is desirable in your annual containers.

Over wintering:
If your miniature garden is planted directly in the ground and you have chosen plants hardy to your zone, just bring your fairies in for the winter and let nature take its course.

If your garden contains tender succulents, it will have to be over wintered in your greenhouse, sunroom, or bright, sunny room that stays about 50 degrees. Watering should slow down in the winter.

Perennials, trees and shrubs want a cold, dormant period in the winter. You can bring the container into an unheated garage, or porch. Ideally, choose somewhere about 32 to 50 degrees. The goal is to maintain dormancy without subjecting the plants to repeated freezing and thawing. Watering needs will be greatly reduced, you can let the soil get a bit dryer between watering, but you must do the finger check every week.. The easiest and most reliable method of over-wintering your tiny perennials is to plant them out in your garden in autumn and re-plant your miniatrue garden in spring with starts from the garden.

For more detailed information about overwintering your fairy garden, check out our blog post How to Overwinter Your Fairy Garden.


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