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Miniature House Plants - 12 Plant Package

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  • 12 Indoor House Plant Package
  • Soleirolia soleirollii - Baby Tears
  • Oxalis vulcanicola 'Burgundy'  - Burgundy Shamrock
  • Pilea nummulariifolia  - Creeping Charlie
  • Doryopteris pedata - Digit Fern
  • Cuphea hyssopifolia -  Tiny Elfin Herb
  • Pteris evergemiensis - Silver Lace Fern
  • Ruellia makoyana - Velvet Vine
WE can NOT ship plants internationally! Our primary shipping season is March 17th - October 31st. Plants ship via Priority Mail on Tuesdays, weather permitting. Scroll to bottom of the page for plant descriptions and cultural requirements.
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 Product Description

Miniature House Plants - 12 Plant Package

 Plants can NOT ship internationally

 Please be aware that due to the pandemic, priority shipments are taking 2-4 days to arrive at their destination rather than the usual 1-3 days.  

  Plants go in and out of availability quickly.  Please list suitable alternatives in the comment section of your order if you would like your plants to ship out on the next shipping day, which is Tuesdays.  If you prefer to wait for your exact selection, please let us know that in the comment section. 


 Baby Tears-Soleirolia soleiolii        Baby Tears has tiny leaves and is just 1-2" high, but can spread for a mile!  This tiny treasure is intolerant of direct sun or high temperatures and prefers consistently moist, well-drained soil and shade to part-shade making it perfect for terrariums.  Hardy just to zone 9, but because it thrives in bright indirect light, it can be overwintered indoors. 

 Burgundy Shamrock - Oxalis vulcanicola 'Burgundy'    Also commonly known as Wood Sorrel.  Beautiful foliage in a deep burgundy and butter yellow flowers will add some contrast to your fairy garden.  If it gets too tall or unruly for your fairy garden, scissor it back by half.  Easy to divide to share the fun.   Full sun to part shade outdoors and bright light when you bring in for the winter. Hardy to zone 9 

Creeping Charlie-Pilea nummulariifolia     Creeping Charlie has bright green crinkled leaves and as the name suggests, it loves to creep and will trail out of hanging baskets.  Happiest in shade to part shade with consistently moist soil, making it ideal as a house plant and terrarium plant.  Hardy to zone 11.  

 Digit Fern-Doryopteris pedata     A very unusual fern! The sterile fronds are maple-leaf shaped while the fertile fronds look like elk-horns! Easy to grow with warm temperatures and good drainage. Suitable as a terrarium, conservatory or house plant. Digit fern develops baby plants at the tips of its fronds.  Not frost hardy.  

Elfin Herb - Cuphea hyssopifolia    This is a very versatile little plant as it takes well to pruning. You can keep it trimmed back to make a bushy flowering shrub for your fairy garden or select a stem to be the main trunk and keep the lower branches pruned up to make a fairy sized tree for your miniature garden.  Best grown outdoors during the season and brought indoors to over-winter if necessary.  Hardy to zone 9-11 and likes moist soil.  

'Little Lady' Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum microphyllum 'Little Lady'    This diminutive variety of the classic maidenhair fern, is a delicate, lacy, little lady. She prefers bright light indoors and full shade outdoors.  Moist soils.  Hardy to zone 10. 

Polka Dot Plant -Hypoestes phyllostachya      Choose red or white to add a splash of color to your fairy garden or terrarium with the colorful Polka Dot plant.  Provide afternoon shade if growing outdoors and bright light indoors.  Too little light and the leaves will lose color. Flowering marks the beginning of the end for Polka Dot plants, so keep the insignificant lavender blooms pinched off to prolong plant vitality. Pinching also encourages stems to branch out, creating a bushy rather than a leggy plant.  Hardy to zone 10

 Silver Lace Fern - Pteris ensiformis 'Evergemiensis'     A beautifully textured fern with silvery-white variegation, hence the name. Prefers shade outdoors and bright indirect light indoors.  The fern prefers moist soil and tolerates even boggy soil.  Perfect as a house plant and suitable for medium to large terrariums, though it may need to be trimmed back from time to time.  Hardy to zone 8a. 

Velvet Vine - Ruellia makoyana     This exotic beauty is native to Brazil. 1" leaves are velvety green with silvery-white veining and the underside is a deep purple.  1" long tubular lilac flowers.  Velvet Vine has a low spreading habit and loves moist, well-drained soil and good humidity.  Shade to part shade outdoors and bright, indirect light indoors. Very easy to grow in a terrarium.  Pinch to encourage bushiness and control size.  Hardy to zone 10.  




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