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Fairies, Corgis, and their Ancient Bond

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Are you familiar with the ancient corgi legends?

Not many know that corgis and fairies have a history together, but their bond goes way back. In fact, Welsh legend says that corgis, or “dwarf dogs”, were created as sly, fast pets for fairies as a means to help them get around. In fact, it’s even said that only those who have a kind heart and sharp eyes can see the harness marks and fairy saddle on the back of a Welsh corgi.

The Legend

The legend of the fairies and corgis goes back to ancient times in the woodlands of Wales. Fairies lived in harmony with their surroundings, wandering the forest; however, their wings weren’t strong enough to take them long distances. Over time, this resulted in fairies becoming lazy about long distance travel.

In that moment, the fairies decided they would create a companion traveler who they could ride upon, allowing them to travel farther and wider than they’d be able to on their own wings. They created the corgi, or the “dwarf dog” in Welsh. This dog looked like a fox but was fast, loyal, and kind. In the night, when the fairies weren’t riding their corgis, they would send them into towns to play with children or even watch over them.

But one day, while riding corgis, the Queen and King of the fairies felt pity for the humans they encountered doing hard, laborious work just to keep themselves alive. These farm hands and poor families seemed to work more and more without ever being able to rest. Distracted by the scene, the King fell off his corgi and the Queen abandoned hers to help save him.

While the two were tending to one another, the corgis continued to race off, not knowing their owners had fallen off and were left behind. The King worried that the two dwarf dogs would get lost, and immediately called for a search party to bring them back home, but the Queen declined. She said the King’s worrying was futile, as they had only lost two dogs they mainly used for pleasure. The dogs will no longer be lost, she said, because they will be found by mortals more needing of them than us.

It’s true the two corgis got lost, wandering further into mortal territory. They played with each other, not knowing they were lost in the first place, and sparked the interest and amusement of nearby human children. After a while, the children picked them up and brought them home to their farm, happy to show their farm families what they’d found. Their father explained to the children that these dogs, the “dwarf dogs”, were gifts from the fairies. From that point on, the corgis worked on the farm and became loved by the people of Wales.

Live the Ancient Tale

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