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Fairy Door Legends in the Modern World

Posted by Ronna Moore on 19th Nov 2018

Depending on who you ask, the importance for garden accessories such as fairy doors is unprecedented. How else will your small friends find a way into your house or garden if you don’t have a fairy door to welcome them?

Fairyologists -- and some fairy garden enthusiasts -- study fairies, their elaborate mythology, and the ways in which they interact with our world.

Let’s take a closer look into the history of fairy doors and how you can find the perfect one for your space.

Fairy doors in history

For as far back as we can remember, fairies have existed in our realm and others. Therefore, fairy doors have been thought of to be magical portals to their world. Fairyologists will tell you that humans can’t travel between these worlds -- it’s only for fairies.

Fairies will usually respond via notes left on the doors, which is why so many fairy doors contain scribes that you can use for communication. Legends state that fairy doors are given to humans so that they may have access to fairies and their realms.

While some may believe fairy doors are only relevant in places like Ireland, where fairy mythology is strongly intertwined with culture, there are fairies all over the world. Did you know that Ann Arbor, Michigan boasts incredible fairy activity? A series of fairy doors began to pop up all over the city starting in 2005, and they’re a popular attraction with tourists (and fairies!) alike.

But that isn’t the only place that is known to have fairy doors. Here is a fairy door located in Monmouth, Wales:

Which fairy door is right for me?

If you’re looking to purchase a fairy door for the first time, or need an upgrade for your garden or space, take a look through the offerings at Fairy Homes and Gardens. With our outstanding selection, you’re sure to find a fairy door to please your small visitors.

Ashbury Solar Fairy Door

This beautifully charming and detailed fairy door has the word “whimsical” written all over it. If you’re looking for a fun, quirky addition to your garden, this door is it. It uses a rechargeable and replaceable solar battery that keeps the door lit up at nighttime. You’ll find the light shining through the stained glass window as well as the small light just outside the door fixture. We’re told this is used to signal when a fairy is home. What do you think?

Cobblestone Blue Fairy Door

Here’s a classic fairy door if we’ve ever seen one! This beautiful and simply designed cobblestone door is reminiscent of a lush garden scene, surrounded by and adorned with flowers and red toadstools. Its gorgeous teal decor and stone archway are quaint and can go with any garden setup.

Papillon Solar Fairy Door

Another solar fairy door to better suit your tastes! This is a fancier door than our other featured solar fairy door, and it would suit best with a more regal or princess-themed garden setup.

Shop all these wonderful fairy doors and more at Fairy Homes and Gardens today!

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