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Fairy Gardening + Mary Engelbreit = MERRIMENT

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Mary Engelbreit, a well known and beloved artist, is known for her use of primary colors, polka dots, and memorable quotes.  Mary Engelbreit embraced fairy gardening and Merriment ensued! The Merriment Fairy Garden Collection made its debut in 2016 and additional items were added for 2017. 

There are now ten fairies in the Merriment Fairy Garden Collection, each with their own distinct personality, identity, and interests.  They celebrate and encourage each others differences.  


Gigi the Explorer Fairy

Each fairy comes in a box with colorful label and their special story on the bottom.  "Gigi is brave, spontaneous, and quick-witted.  Gigi is always ready for an adventure.  She loves camping and hiking and watching birds in the wild."


Miniature signs with Mary Engelbreit's memorable quotes will delight the fairies in your garden.  The furniture even has comfy throw pillows for additional comfort. 



The latest addition to the Merriment collection is solar-powered fairy houses. There are currently three to choose from. The cottage pictured is my favorite. The primary colors, polka dots, and iconic flowers are classic Mary Engelbreit. A tiny bluebird nest on the chimney is the perfect endorsement for this happy home. A rechargeable battery stores up power by day and lights up this fine fairy cottage by night, welcoming the fairies home.


A house isn't a home without pets and that is true for fairy houses also.  The Merriment collection has miniature fat cats, bunnies, and Mary's iconic Scottie dog.  Check the Merriment Theme to see all of the collection. 


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