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Get into the Swamp Land Fairy Garden theme

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In fairy gardening, there are so many stories to tell, vignettes to create, and a myriad of adorable fairies and miniature animals to choose from. A themed fairy garden can help you narrow down your selections and focus your attention. Themes have the added advantage of being scaled to work well together.  

swamp land themed fairy garden

I am delighted to introduce a unique and creative fairy garden theme, Swamp Land Garden Theme. When you think of a swamp, you probably think of Spanish moss, Bald Cypress trees, and perhaps even snakes! Look closely and you will discover much more. 

swamp fairy and gator

You may see a fairy with her pet alligator, shyly peeking out from behind the Spanish moss, or perhaps a troll busy in the pursuit of idleness.


There are shacks and shanties with hinged doors, and landing docks. 


and all of the modern amenities are available!

Swamp Land Outhouse

The miniature swamp fairies all have fun and funky alternative hairstyles and each has a unique name and pet.

cousin cranberry miniature fairy

The trolls may look a bit scary at first, but what they lack in modern dentistry, they make up for with pure hearts. The Charlady Troll Clementine is all dolled up with long blonde hair, painted toe nails and fingernails, and a butterfly on her hat. She takes care of much of the cleaning in Swamp Land.  The troll, Remy has a pet dragonfly. How scary is that?


Swamp Fairy Cousin Cranberry

The fairies of Swamp Land generally travel by boat or raft like Cousin Cranberry. The miniature trolls have more adventurous and exciting modes of travel.

Visit the Fairy Homes and Gardens for additional inspirational themes for a unique and wonderful fairy garden!


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